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I’m considered a digital pioneer in Italy. I started working in 1984 in multimedia presentation design, and then I founded my first web agency in 1994, one of the earliest in Europe. I worked with clients like the Italian Olympic Committee, top celebrities and sports talent, and companies such as Volkswagen, Microsoft, Canon, and many more to develop innovative online projects and marketing strategies.

As a designer and “information architect”, I built effective web interfaces to communicate messages tailored to different countries, cultures, and technologies. I helped clients transform their marketing needs into successful online cases, integrating traditional and digital communication from the 1980s. My extensive experience in marketing, branding, and innovation allowed me to transfer my expertise to the web, establishing myself as a leader in the early days of the internet in Italy.

As a Professor of Marketing, drawing on my extensive 40-year career in marketing, I aim to share knowledge, examples, and insights from my practical experience with my students. This real-world perspective has become a key part of my teaching approach over time.